Overcome Intimacy Issues

When intimacy disappears…

Your connection with your spouse has diminished over the years, and this loss of connection isn’t uncommon. Research shows that marital satisfaction dips when people first have kids. But research also shows that avoiding intimacy is a leading factor in infidelity.

Mixing two different world views and value systems can take a toll on relationships when not managed properly. Unfair distribution of chores/household duties also wears on a marriage.

You may not find your partner physically, emotionally, intellectually, or spiritually attractive right now.

And maybe you aren’t full of the raging hormones of youth anymore. At any rate, if you don’t re-establish feeling close to each other, then you will fall apart when stress or disagreement puts pressure on the relationship.

We can work together to find the intimacy in your relationship again.

I can help you improve communication with your partner by identifying and articulating what you lost and what you may want back.

Romance and friendship need to exist for intimacy to feel real in your relationship. Intimacy is a manifestation of all the positive emotions you feel toward your partner.

Intimacy can also be affected by trauma. I’ve worked with people who love their partner but struggle to get close because they have been through an event like rape or molestation. Experiencing such trauma adds a layer to the therapeutic process that I can help you and your partner work through.

Let’s work on it together.

Please call now – before more time passes with the frustration under which your relationship lives.