Couples Therapy

Everything seems so hard now.

In the beginning, your relationship ran smoothly – minimal conflict and little complaining somehow evolved into constant fighting and incessant criticisms between the two of you. What happened to the warmth and admiration that you once had for each other?

Your relationship is like a beautiful mountain, admired from the valley for its majestic sheer walls but later resented and loathed for those same characteristics as you struggle to summit its peak. The same qualities that you once admired in your partner have become the very obstacles that keep you from enjoying them. Sorting through endless criticisms and complaints, you become lost.

You argue all the time – and neither of you will give an inch. Always needing to defend yourself is exhausting – and it just never ends.

No thrills are left – only dissatisfaction.

Emotional, physical, intellectual, and spiritual intimacy have been out of the question for some time. Any effort to solve differences seems futile, and your partner never understands your perspective. Staying away from each other is altogether easier at this point.

The chasm between you splits deeper and widens further every day. Perhaps you have been trying to protect yourself from the negative effects of serious substance abuse or infidelity. Or it may just be that simple disagreements get blown out of proportion all the time.

All these problems can drive couples apart from each other. And if these negative dynamics go unaddressed, then it is incredibly likely that your relationship will fail.

That’s right, permanent separation or divorce is virtually guaranteed if you don’t address this ASAP. We know this according to robust and reliable data procured through the Gottman Institute. Don’t become another statistic. Take back your health and happiness by getting help today.

Couples therapy can rekindle your relationship.

In couples therapy, you will come into every session knowing that your thoughts and feelings will be acknowledged by the therapist and eventually your partner.

These sessions are a time and place where you can express your deepest fears and pain. Each session is a space where your negative and positive emotions are seen and heard. You will find the therapist supporting both you and your partner at every turn. Simultaneously, you will find ways to express yourself so that your partner can understand you.

You may not eliminate conflict, but you can learn how to navigate it without causing damage. Conflict is a zero-sum game where the relationship altogether wins or altogether loses. You can’t beat your partner in a conflict without losing the relationship.

Either you win each other’s hearts or break each other’s hearts. Let me emphasize – Win together or lose together.

Relationships are like a sailboat.

I often use this analogy of a sailboat.

Wind can tear your sail sideways and violently pull you into the water when left unattended. But with careful skill and attention, you can harness that same force into moving yourself from point A to point B.

Conflict, like wind, is inevitable. It’s time for you to gain the skill and attention necessary to harness its power.

Through this work, we can rebuild and rediscover what once was beautiful in your marriage – and create smoother sailing.

I offer couples therapy that works.

If you seriously want to save your marriage, Gottman, EFT and IFS couples therapy provides a structure that helps you do that.

You have strengths and vulnerabilities in your relationship that we will uncover with a thorough assessment. We tailor each session to you and your partner’s individual needs.

You must consistently attend therapy weekly and complete homework assignments to see results. You and your spouse fill out an assessment and receive tailored feedback from me in each session. We address each vulnerability/weakness in the relationship, and both partners must be willing to use the tools, exercises, and homework assignments to better the relationship.

Experts consider Gottman, EFT and IFS therapy the best type of couples therapy out there, and not everyone who claims to use them has the training or certification. Check to see if your therapist is officially listed on these networks. You want couples therapy that works.

Couples therapy is for…

…two people at a time. Therefore, I provide couples therapy to couples ONLY.

Relationships that involve more than two people can participate in either a workshop or group therapy.

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