Emotion Focused Therapy (EFT) for Couples

Emotional safety and trust enhances relationships.

Almost every disagreement between you and your spouse becomes an emotional explosion. You’ve tried changing your approach, but you feel like your feelings are never held in empathy. If you continue in this way, then you could very well end up getting divorced.

Emotion Focused Therapy can give you the space and safety that you need.

First, we will meet and go over your relationship history and obtain more insights into your emotional past. Then, I will help you and your partner diagram out the emotional feedback loop (or dance) that has been tying you both up. Thorough discussions about your family of origin will help you understand and articulate your emotional experience with better clarity. In so doing we will teach you a new dance.

The dance of vulnerability and trust.

Attachment theory revolutionized the way we understand human emotion and has stood the test of the last one-hundred years! It describes emotion as a phenomenon that can make or break our attachment to our partners. Upon this very theory, Dr. Sue Johnson’s Emotion Focused Therapy harnesses the power of emotion and its vital role in human attachment. It is a therapy that has “cracked the code of love.”

The therapy is reliable!

Dr. Sue Johnson’s Emotion Focused Therapy has been proven time and time again to heal the human heart. And she’s been doing it for the last forty years.

Having studied under her method I can help you heal you and your partner’s attachment style. The path through the seven principles is not restrictive but is, in fact, very fluid.

Each of your sessions will be flexible and tailored to your immediate needs while also structured and directed by your therapist to help you move through the EFT TANGO. A deliberate emotional intervention that promotes emotional trust and safety.

We will get you and your partner to a place where your disagreements become opportunities for connection rather than gateways to despair.

Get ready for a totally new and healthy emotional marriage.