Navigating Faith Crises

When religious/spiritual values diverge…

Utah’s rich cultural history includes a deep connection to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Everyone knows that Utah is “The Place” or the Mecca of “Mormon Culture,” and the conversations around the church and its members are a delicate subject for many of us.

Everybody has a different journey, and marriages can experience conflict when spouses do not agree on religious/spiritual values or actions.

The frustration that can develop when beliefs are not similar is often based on not sharing meaning. Discovering meaning in faith and creating a new approach will give you a foundation of strength.

Let’s rediscover your shared meaning

The most advanced opportunities and work to be done in any relationship are shared meaning.

I can help you using the Gottman Method to come to terms on what you still share and what you don’t share.

Shared meaning might be lost in specific areas, but that doesn’t mean that it is lost in all areas. A lot of marriages do face divorce when no meaning is shared. Let’s prevent your relationship from falling into that abyss.

Grow stronger than ever…

…into something more beautiful than it has ever been before.

If you want to stay in the church and remain true blue through and through, I will support you.

If you find that doubts and damage have left you wanting to leave the church, I will support you. If the church has removed you from their records and has had a lasting negative effect on you, I will help you during that healing process.

I will support your journey to find what you need – whether it is in the church or outside. But don’t stay on the fence where everything is unsettled.

Please reach out today.