Gottman Method for Couples

Productive communication skills enhance relationships.

Almost every disagreement between you and your spouse becomes an unproductive argument. You’ve tried changing your approach, but you feel like your conversations go in circles. If you continue in this way, then you could very well end up getting divorced.

Gottman Method Couples Therapy can help you transform the way you speak.

First, we will meet and go over your relationship history and the more significant struggles your relationship has faced. Then, I will send you and your partner a link to fill out the online Gottman Relationship Questionnaire. This assessment gives me an in-depth look into the unique strengths and vulnerabilities of your marriage.

That assessment will be used to help you move through seven different systems. Review the image below.

These seven systems are required for a relationship to remain intact across time. Dr. John Gottman didn’t just pull these out of a hat. Instead, he discovered them through an intense factor analysis of sample data collected from numerous couples in what is now called “The Love Lab.”

The Assessment is reliable!

Dr. Gottman can predict whether a relationship will succeed or fail with 90% accuracy. And he’s been doing so for the past 40 years.

I can help you rebuild and fortify these seven systems. The path through the seven principles is not restrictive but is, in fact, very fluid.

Each of your sessions will be flexible and tailored to your immediate needs while also structured and directed by your therapist to help you move in the healthiest direction.

We will get you and your partner to a place where your disagreements become opportunities for growth rather than gateways to despair.

Get ready for a totally new marriage.