Receiving therapy changed this past year.

The COVID-19 pandemic changed a lot of the way we meet and work.

Coping with the pandemic forced a lot of therapists into virtual office space, and I was one of them.

Now, I exclusively offer therapy via Zoom to my clients.

This change provides an ideal means of accessing help because it can easily fit into your busy schedule.

Imagine the benefits.

Teletherapy eliminates travel time and rush hour. Now, there is no more fighting traffic, trying to make your appointment on time.

Childcare costs during therapy usually decrease by half for a lot of parents.

While receiving teletherapy, you can get into comfortable clothing (aka pajamas) and cozy up on your favorite couch with a warm cup of tea.

You get more honest with your problems because you’re in your own space. Ultimately, the benefits outweigh the cost for both you and me. I won’t bullshit you – teletherapy saves me a lot of money, too.

Nothing sacrificed – everything to gain.

Teletherapy provides the same benefits as in-person therapy, even more, if you consider the time saved and expenses saved.

All you need is a quiet, private space with no interruptions and a computer and camera access. Our sessions are on a secure Zoom site that is HIPPA compliant.

To provide quality service to you, I require that couples access their Zoom sessions together from the same physical location at least 50% of the time.

Don’t let covid or other commitments keep you from therapy – teletherapy is a game-changer.

Options will increase in the future.

As we get closer to the end of the COVID-19 pandemic, I will begin looking for physical space to meet with clients in person, if they prefer. However, the inclusion of in-person therapy will come at an undetermined time.

In the interim, teletherapy is a viable option, proven to meet your needs.

Working virtually with me will surprise you – because sometimes breakthroughs occur quickly.

Contact me today, and let’s begin our work together.