Mindfulness Training

Negativity creates anger and frustration.

You hum down the road, eager to get home after a hard day on the job. Being irritated by your coworker and boss who don’t understand, you push on the gas harder. Then out of nowhere, some inconsiderate jerk cuts you off, causing you to become stuck at yet another red light.

You feel like the universe is doing its best to screw with you. You pull out from behind this asshole and speed up alongside him with a clenched spring in your middle finger.

You turn your head with a look that could kill, and you suddenly recognize that the driver is your neighbor. Little 80-year-old Betty, who just lost her husband last month, peaks through her steering wheel at the road through her giant glasses.

All your frustration and rage disintegrate into deep personal shame and embarrassment. How could you let this get to you? The poor woman didn’t mean any harm, and it’s almost like you lost control for a minute. You ask yourself, “Have I always been this way?”

Replace negativity with positive thoughts and actions.

If you feel out of control and full of anger and rage, it might be time for you to explore the benefits of formal meditation and mindfulness.

Some people like formal meditation, while others find it unattractive. But you can access and use the framework of mindfulness regardless of how you feel about meditation.

So, you don’t want to sit cross-legged on the floor like a yogi? That’s okay. Mindfulness is the key to finding the serenity and calmness necessary to remain in control even when we feel negative emotions.

Hopefully, poor 80-year-old Betty doesn’t have to worry about her neighbor freaking out on her.

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