Compulsive Sexual Behavior Therapy

You got caught

It’s embarrassing, shameful and frustrating when a partner discovers that you have the inability to control yourself sexually. Of course, this may not be the first time you’ve been in trouble like this. Maybe you haven’t cheated on your partner but you struggle to avoid OnlyFans, Google-images “porn”, Deviant Art, Patreon or something along those lines.

You find yourself sexualizing interactions with others even when you don’t want to.

Maybe you’ve betrayed someone for the last time and everything is about to fall apart. It brings you great anxiety. When will you be caught next?

Always on edge – covering your tracks and clearing your search histories.

You’ve tried everything

Sobriety models like Sexaholics Anonymous feel creepy and culty.Maybe a religious leader has shamed or encouraged you toward change but you just can’t hack it. Simply setting goals to moderate your sexual behaviors hasn’t really stood up well against your habits.

From workbooks to workshops you just can’t get it right. You’ve decided to just give into the compulsions and try not to let it interfere with your family, work or maybe even community responsibilities. That’s right, consequences are not staring you in the face.

We know that positive changes don’t come from just anywhere. The threat or fulfillment of catastrophe hangs over your head. Take back your health and happiness by getting help today.

Individual therapy that can heal you

In individual therapy you will come into each session knowing that your thoughts and feelings will be held with respect and kindness.

Your sexual behaviors shouldn’t have to be shared with anyone. But they could be shared with someone who gets it. Especially someone that knows the way out. I will teach you how to transform your life through breaking down and deconstructing as many parts of your experience as are problematic in your life.

You’ll learn how to rebuild a frame of mind through thrills of personal imagination and interpretation of your very own dreams and nightmares.

Join the ranks of men who can have whatever relationship they want and the best sex of their lives.

Evolve to be able to handle technology so that it doesn’t handle you.Come discover how you can have it all in sex and well-being. Wellbeing that you can distinctly define through valid and reliable measurements of physiological, psychological, and philosophical benchmarks.

I offer Jungian Analysis that works

If you want to discover how to become a new person. Then Jungian analysis is a great place to start. It’s time to face those dragons that lurk beneath your compulsions.

We will explore how your past and present relationships and culture have shaped your world. Each session will be tailored to your immediate emotional needs and will always be aimed to empower you through bringing in dreams, nightmares and relationship stressors.

You must consistently attend therapy and complete assignments on a weekly basis to see results. You will encounter a new sense of self and entirely new perceptions of the world around you. You will start to find true paths to meet your own emotional and relationship needs. Together we will create a new “you” and your life will only improve as you take on responsibility.

You’ve tried everything else. Jungian analysis actually works.

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