Individual Emotion Focused Therapy

Tug of War

You tried to get your spouse or partner to go in with you for couples therapy. Unfortunately they just don’t have interest or hope in this type of intervention. You’re left wondering what you should do. Is there anything else that can be done? How much longer can you carry this burden on your own?

This particular struggle is much like a tug of war. The problem of an unwilling partner is one that gets worse every time that you try to pull them in your direction. It’s doesn’t just feel like they have rejected therapy- it feels like they’ve rejected you. And it hurts more and more every time they pull away.

Trying to get your needs met is exhausting – and they just won’t budge.

No thrills are left – only dissatisfaction

Emotional, physical, intellectual, and spiritual intimacy have been out of the question for some time. Any effort to solve differences seems futile, and your partner never understands your perspective. Staying away from each other is altogether easier at this point.

The chasm between you splits deeper and widens further every day. Perhaps you have been trying to protect yourself from the negative effects of serious substance abuse or infidelity. Or it may just be that simple disagreements get blown out of proportion all the time.

All these problems can drive couples apart from each other. And if these negative dynamics go unaddressed, then it is incredibly likely that your relationship will fail.

That’s right, permanent separation or divorce is virtually guaranteed if you don’t address this ASAP. We know this according to robust and reliable data procured through the Gottman Institute. Don’t become another statistic. Take back your health and happiness by getting help today.

Individual therapy that can heal you.

In individual therapy you will come into each session knowing that your thoughts and feelings will be held with respect and kindness.

These sessions are a time and place where you can express your deepest fears and pain. Each session is a space where your negative and positive emotions are seen and heard. You will find yourself supported at every turn. Simultaneously, you will find ways to express yourself so that you can be understood by the people you love.

You may not directly change your partner’s behaviors, but you will experience how it feels to be emotionally held and understood despite that. Much of what happens in the therapy is learning that it is safe to have wants and needs. Once you learn to truly feel that then will you will learn how to negotiate on your own behalf. You will get what your closest relationships have been incapable or unwilling to provide.

People might fail in providing for you. But all is not lost – You and I can find a way.


Emotional needs are vital

It has been known for quite some time that emotional needs are legitimately as important as the physiological demand for air.

Healthy lungs never stop breathing. Even when we are asleep they are pumping rich oxygenated blood throughout the body. And we are all familiar with the panic that sets in when we are cut off from our breathing.

Emotional needs, much like our need for oxygen, are ever present. It’s time that yours be met.

Through this work, you and I can remove whatever has been emotionally suffocating you – let’s get you breathing again.

I offer individual therapy that works

If you want to discover how to get your needs met regardless of your partner’s willingness to provide for them. Then Emotional Focused Individual Therapy is where you can start.

We will uncover how your past and present relationships have shaped your world. Each session will be tailored to your immediate emotional needs and will help restructure the framework that was created in your emotional past.

You must consistently attend therapy and complete homework assignments on a weekly basis to see results. You will begin to see shifts in your awareness and attention. You will start to discover emotional needs that have gone unmet for some time. And together we will create new approaches and attitudes to transform your attachment to self and others.

Attachment theory experts consider Emotion Focused Individual Therapy (EFIT) as the best intervention outside of couples therapy. And not all clinicians who claim to use it have been trained appropriately. Check to see if your therapist is officially listed on the ICEEFT network. You want therapy that works.

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