Communication is at an all-time low.

Disagreement in your relationship has become so problematic that it is pointless to engage.

Every time you try to talk about a problem that needs to be solved, you find yourself in that same old revolving door. Why can’t your partner ever hear what you’re trying to say?

It’s defense after defense and criticism after criticism. You can’t even approach simple complaints without nuclear consequences and total fallout.

You’ve both learned that sleeping in separate bedrooms is the best avenue to stay away from each other.

Relationships require effective communication.

A few symptoms that predict relationship failure are silent treatments, mocking, criticizing, and defending against your partner.

Relationships thrive or don’t survive – without communication, your life together is impossible.

Helpful and effective communication requires listening to and understanding your partner’s viewpoint.

Arguments alone fail to result in a favorable resolution of problems that arise.

Maybe it’s time for the two of you to seek help with your failure to communicate.

Come together through positive communication.

What you need is to start communicating under a different structure – and you’re in luck. With precision and a keen ear, I can quickly help you identify and reverse the blunders that both of you are making in your current communication.

By the time we finish, you’ll both have a metaphorical tool belt full of new approaches to the discomfort and disagreement that shows up in the future. You won’t ever need another therapist if you can get good at using these tools.

These tools for better communication come right from the Gottman, IFS, and EFT Institute’s research that spans over the past 40 years. We didn’t pull these tools out of our butts or a self-help book. They all come from valid and reliable research, and I can’t emphasize enough that everyone should be using them.

Contact me today, so you can gain the tools necessary for transforming your communication to an all-time high. Then, your relationship will blossom, and you will have a spare bedroom to boot.