The Trust is Broken,
and Your Dreams Are Shattered

The Pain of an Infidelity Cuts Deep
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Discovering the affair made you sick to your stomach.

Finding the secret text thread on your partner’s phone was a kick in the gut.

Your worst fear was staring you in the face. You feel you don’t know your partner at all anymore.

They went outside of your relationship to fulfill their needs. They shared the most intimate part of themselves with somebody else – and you had no idea.

You asked, and your partner confessed. Now what?

You don’t know where to begin to heal this betrayal.

Both of you want to heal the relationship, but just the thought of talking through the gory details brings you to tears.

Though you want the whole truth, you’re afraid of how much more it will hurt to know it.

There are no good options. Not talking about this will certainly destroy your relationship for good.

Discover healing and genuine support.

It’s terrible that this happened to you, but it’s all too common. This is what I do. I help couples heal after the aftermath of infidelity. Healing is possible.

You’ll experience unbiased support and professional guidance as we start these conversations.

By creating a safe container, we will hold your pain from this ordeal with sincerity and kindness.

Together, we’ll go through all the questions that need to be covered for healing to happen.

What happened in the past doesn’t have to dictate your future.

Using the Gottman Method, I’ll help you to both realize why you got married in the first place.

We’ll uncover all the hurt that occurred between you so that the love you still share can shine through once again.

Both of you will be supported to allow transparency and sensitivity to each other’s pain.

We’ll get through the difficult questions so that true honesty and intimacy can grow once again.

Restore your trust and commitment to one another.

You’ll both learn how to tune in to each other often so that your relationship gets stronger over time.

You will form hopes and dreams for your renewed marriage.

Rediscover your friend and the partner you admire.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Get started right away so that you don’t lose the opportunity to work through this.

The support you need is only a phone call away.

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